The 360 Degree Tree Stabilizer

For trees of all size!

U.S. Design Application No. 29/773,563 U.S. Utility Patent Application No. 14/528,428


My Mom always said “if it is worth doing it’s worth doing right”.


Well up to now there has never been a “Best Practices” for staking a tree. I believe that I now offer that “Best Practice” with the 360 Tree Stabilizer!

The 360 Tree Stabilizer, is a patent pending product, that will save you time installing/planting trees. It will securely hold trees in the strongest Southern winds, eliminate the need for the unsightly guide lines, that scar the tree trunks and always end up very loose, and just generally not doing the job.


The 360 Tree stabilizers have great curb appeal and, when properly installed, will not scar the tree trunk. They can be installed very quickly on standard T-post or wooden stake. The Velcro tree ties can be easily adjusted as the tree grows.

Curt Hummel, Inventor 360o Tree Stake, Founder/CEO CH Products LLC. 

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RV Rod and Hose Reel Holder



CH Products officially started 12-20-20. When our founder had issues with the traditional ways of staking a tree, the metal T-post that the neighborhood home builder was using was ugly, unsafe, hard to trim around and VERY hard to remove.


So in search of a better way of staking a tree, the 360o Tree Stabilizer, was born! In 2014 CH Products filed for the patent for the 360o Tree Stabilizer. Unfortunately that patent process was not completed until 2020.

In August of 2020,  founder Curt Hummel connected with a man tasked with planting and stabilizing 9,000 trees. After demonstrating the 360o tree stake for him he asked how quickly 2,000 of each size.

And the rest is history 


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