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360 Degree Tree Stabilizer - Patent pending; U.S. Design Application No. 29/773,563U.S. Utility Patent Application No. 14/528,428 SIZE: 45 + Gallon 360˚ Tree Stabilizer For Tree Trunk 1 ¾” to 4” Adjustable 20 ½” to 27 ½” My Mom always said “if it is worth doing it’s worth doing right”. Well up to now there has never been a “Best Practices” for staking a tree. I believe that I now offer that “Best Practice” with the 360 Tree Stabilizer! The 360 Tree Stabilizer will save you time installing/planting trees. It will securely hold trees in the strongest winds, eliminate the need for the unsightly guide lines that scar the tree trunks and always end up very loose and not doing the job. The 360 Tree stabilizers have great curb appeal and when properly installed will not scar the tree trunk and can be installed very quickly on standard T-post or wooden stakes. The Velcro tree ties can be easily adjusted as the tree grows. In my field tests, most 15-25 gallon plants can be effectively staked with one stake. But with larger trees and the South Texas weather it might be best to use two stakes. Directions for Use: 1. Determine the distance needed from tree trunk to where you will need to drive wooden dowel/rod into ground. Do this by putting the tree 360o trunk cradle next to trunk and at the same time extend the 360o tree stabilizer fixed pole arm out to desired distance, 20-1/2” to 27-3/4” (With in the pinning hole range). 2. Hammer 2-1/8” wooden dowel/rod into ground by base of the tree. Go deep enough to hit solid ground and/or when you line up to the desired spot on the tree trunk. (Can saw dowel to needed height) 3. Install 360o Tree Stabilizer on to the stake/dowel. (Gently hammer on, if fit is loose fit glue to stake) 4. Slide 360o tree arm out till it gently touches the tree trunk, insert zip tie into matching adjustment holes. (Use the holes that line up giving you a 1/16” to 1/4” air gap between 360o trunk cradle and tree trunk) 5. Slide cradle lock zip tie through the hole on the back side of the 360o arm cradle and wrapping around tree trunk loosely giving a 1/8” to 1/4” air gap all the way around the tree trunk. *NOTE: Dowel rod required for installation but included.

360˚ Tree Stabilizer WITH T-Post Adapter (metal T-post not included)

2 Pounds
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