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The Fishing Pole Carrier and water hose holder, is made of 1/8”x 2” 90o angle aluminum 48” and 2”square tubing 24” aluminum. Wielded together. (2” receiver not included) The rod holder is made out of 2” sch40 aluminum pipe, which is big enough to accommodate pistol grip rods. A bungee cord is recommended to hold fishing rod in place while traveling. (not included)

These are made with the RV’er in mind the 2” square tubing extended far enough from your bumper that you can get in between the bumper and the rod and hose holder. It also gives room for your spare tire but note you will have to remove the rod carrier and hose reel holder to remove the spare. (Spare tire thief deterrent). 

It can also be used on a pick-up truck, the 24’ length allows you to drop your tail gate without hitting the fishing pole.

The hose reel is detachable for traveling down the road. It is made to accommodate 125’ of water hose.

The complete Fishing Rod Carrier and Water Hose Holder unit goes through an anodizing process to prevent weathering and for appearance, the anodizing process also stiffens the aluminum a bit.

The hose holder and reel holds 125’ of 5/8” hose and weighs in at just 15 pounds. 



*Be advised it is not recommended to leave hose reel on holder while traveling on road.

Rod and Hose Holder

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