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Designed to Save Time & Money

  • 30 second install once post is set

  • One metal T-post or wooden stake needed in most cases (depending on soil composition and size of canopy)

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Easy Installation

Patents Pending​

U.S. Design Application No. 29/773,563U.S.

Utility Patent Application No. 14/528,428

Considers Safety and Maintenance

  • Vertical alignment of the stake removes potential cutting risk when working or playing near the staked tree

  • Eliminates wires in a diagonal from tree to ground reducing tripping hazards

Design Features

The parts of a Tree Stabilizer

PLANTING VARIATION needs addressed with an adjustable arm allowing for various stake-to-tree lengths to clear the root ball

SAFETY protection from rough edges of a metal stake when T-Post adapter/cover is used at the top of the stake

TRUNK PROTECTION from the cradling pad which is semi-flexible, soft, and concave, a design that prevents trunk scarring and pinch points, allowing nutrients to flow unhindered through the trunk promoting the overall health of the tree

ROOT DEVELOPMENT is stimulated by placing the adjustable strap with enough room to allow the tree to move with the wind but not fall over

Designed for Versatility


Stackable feature of a Tree Stabilizer

Stack multiple tree stabilizers on one stake to hold two or more branches or nearby trees


T-post Adapter
T-post cover

Can be used with an adapter on a metal T-Post or without the adapter on a wooden post


A connectable T-post cover

Link two or more stabilizer together to secure larger trees

Say NO to traditional tree staking methods…

The old method of tree staking
  • The traditional method of staking a tree can cause damage to the trunk from being held too tightly and being staked too long.

  • If held too tight, the trunk won’t move in the wind to stimulate strong trunk and root growth

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Shop the 360˚ Tree Stabilizer

360˚ Tree Stabilizer

WITHOUT T-Post Adapter $19.50

WITH T-Post Adapter $20.50

*Tax & stake not included

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